Changing Life On And Under Water

The Hydro Impulse and its background

At Hydro Impulse, we have developed a highly efficient propeller substitute for boats and ships. The Hydro Impulse Systems GmbH is a technology company, set up in 2021 to challenge and change the norms of how we move on water. Headquartered in Graz, Austria and set up by two engineers, Hydro Impulse brings tried and tested aerospace technology into the boating world.

Innovation means a competitive advantage, a moat, without closing yourself to the market or partnerships. Together with the commitment to our customers, stakeholders, and nature to develop a sustainable product portfolio without reducing the fun and safety on and under the water, it is necessary to deeply integrate an effective innovation strategy in the company.


Innovation and communication strategy were brought into line with the market

After the assessment, the call for tenders and the selection of partners, we worked out the current situation in several workshops. The broad knowledge already available from analyses, research and discussions was processed and structured based on various aspects such as business model, performance spectrum, market potential or market entry strategies.

To ensure the highest quality for our customers in market strategy and innovation partnerships, communication and content strategy and digital strategy, our project partner conducted interviews with industry experts and defined various personas. From this, we received comprehensive recommendations for action over the entire life cycle and have already identified future business opportunities in joint discussions. Further projects such as sustainable production with the smallest possible CO2 footprint are on the horizon for the near future!

The knowledge and methodological expertise developed in the workshops has already been integrated into the internal processes. Concrete recommendations for action are integrated in the next milestones or have already been implemented in follow-up projects. The results in the form of industrial design and communication documents were extremely well received at the most important trade fair.


Strengthened to improve life on and under water

Thanks to the program, we are going into the future stronger. With a sharpened eye for the current and future challenges of the industry and the environment, we have increased our capacity for innovation. For a sustainable and better life on and under water.

Hydro Impulse Systems GmbH